Do Hardwood Floors – About Us

Do Hardwood Floors is a family owned company that has operated throughout the Niagara Region, specializing in refinishing and installing hardwood floors for over 10 years. Run by David Do and his brother Ken, they have built up a reputation for providing top quality professional service at a fair price.

With a results focused outlook and a business built on trust and quality workmanship you can be assured that David and Ken take their clients trust in them very seriously. They understand that opening up your home to strangers is never an easy step. For this very reason they will treat your home as if it were their own.

Together they have refinished and installed thousands of square feet of flooring. There favourite part is the smile on a clients face when they see their beautiful new floors. This is what makes it all worth it.

David does most of the estimating and he is the guy you will see when you call for a FREE ESTIMATE. Each job is carefully inspected to ensure a proper quote is provided. It’s important to create the best results for each homeowner. Any questions you may have can be addressed once David assesses the scope of work. He will happily go over any concerns you have while he is in your home.

For your FREE ESTIMATE call David @ 1-905-380-7225